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Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Managers

Just wanted to post a review of Jeff Walker’s product launch manager training in LA. Jeff Walker was the first person I heard about when it came to internet marketing. I used to listen to all his product launch formula cases in my car on the way to work. I never did originally buy the [...]

Techniques for a Successful Product Launch

A successful product launch just doesn’t happen, it is made up of product launch techniques with a well-executed event. An event with a strategically timed process that creates frenzy. This frenzy is triggered by anticipation. Anticipation is best created long before the launch. It provides an opportunity for your subscribers and customers to raise their [...]

Do You Have a Product Launch Marketing Plan?

A well thought out product launch marketing plan is essential for any product launch. There are several pieces in your preparation that will be significant in the development of a lucrative plan. The generally crucial factor in your marketing plan answers the question “What are you going to sell?” You will need to answer this [...]